Vignolbags for the environment

Vignolbags for the environment

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Vignolbags’ commitment to the environment is demonstrated also in its effort to compensate for its own CO2 emissions.

To compensate means to balance the quantity of CO2 generated by any type of activity through forestry projects for the absorption of CO2 emissions, or through the use of renewable sources to avoid its production. AzzeroCO2 issues its brand license to all those who have compensated for the carbon dioxide emissions of a product, service or other activities. This license is registered with an univocal code that allows access to an online page where the documentation related to the details of the single compensations can be consulted, thus ensuring transparency and traceability. Vignolbags has chosen to compensate for the emissions generated by the production of its shopping bags in nonwoven materials, and adhere to the biofilter project in Italy, which in the first four years of installation has cut down the production of about 15,000 tons of

CO2eq which would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere.

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