Eco fashion Bag Factory dal 1972
Eco fashion Bag Factory dal 1972

Why choose Vignolbags

For over 30 years Vignolbags has manufactured recyclable carrier bags, hold-alls and clothes covers in line with the changing trends and tastes and full respect for the environment. But why choose Vignolbags products?


Because they are ECONOMICAL


Thanks to a constant qualitative and technological growth which steered the company towards its position as leader in the market, Vignolbags is able to offer its own products at absolutely affordable prices to suit all types of budgets and customers: from the great brand names to small dealers. Vignolbags are always a good bargain!


Because they are ORIGINAL


The handcrafted quality of the processing has made Vignolbags a true and proper “bag tailoring” company that can even create totally customized products. More than 30 years of experience are placed at your service to create the carrier bags and handbags that suit you best: 15 models in 20 different types of materials to choose from; a range of sizes, accessories, prints and personalized colors for ever unique results!


Because they are ECOLOGICAL


The bags of Vignolbags can be reused a thousand times. The use of natural, eco-friendly fibers like jute, organic cotton or paper textile, is a perfect proof of the attention your brand pays to the environment, besides ensuring original products.

Vignolbags products are furthermore honored to bear the AzzeroCO2 stamp for carbon dioxide abatement.


Because Bespoke Bags PROMOTE you and your company. Without your having to spend for publicity.


Giving your own clients a customized reusable bespoke bag means you are investing in publicity with a gesture of courtesy and care your client will always appreciate. Your corporate logo designed on a reusable bag made by Vignolbags will be eyed by thousands of people wherever your clients will carry them! More and more, the Vignolbags carrier bags customized with the client’s fantasy and the matching of very original materials, colors and prints, become true and proper bags for a thousand uses: they are fashionable, practical, durable and original!


Because they are ARTISANAL and MADE IN ITALY


Buying a Vignolbags product means holding the warranty for a product that is made in Italy with artisanal processes.


Because for whatever needs, you have Vignolbags


Our clients are supported by Vignolbags’ assistance at every phase of the design, production and post-sales handled directly by our registered office in Lastra a Signa (Florence).